Post Production and Animation  Making all your visual elements come to life, that’s precisely what we do! Our Creative team is geared to efficiently produce award-winning motion graphics within required deadlines. MVM is renowned for its ability to exceed client expectations, working on local and global blue-chip brands. We are efficient, creative, energetic, driven and enthusiastic to take your vision to unimaginable heights. Service Offerings: • Non Linear Video Editing (NLE) • Cinematic Techniques • DTE Recording • Dubbing • Audio Final Mix • Offline / Online Editing • Compositing • Colour Grading • VFX / Animation • Broadcast Specification • Multi-Language Sync • OSD (On-Screen) • 3D Generated Graphics • Infographic Style Visuals • Sub - Titling • EDL / CGI • Sound Engineering • Voice Over Recording • Rigging • Stop Motion / Time Lapse
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